IPHONE LASER TAG AND TOUCHSCREEN MACS: 25 Incredible Apple Patents That Haven't materialised Yet

steve jobs

Photo: AP

Who knows what Apple has waiting for the future?The United States Patent and Trademark Office has a pretty good idea.

Apple has filed plenty of patents that have yet to see the light of day. Here are 25 of our favourites.

The future is coming, and it looks exciting.

Capacitive touch gloves

LCD/eInk hybrid screen

An app for buying movie tickets

A system to disable your iPhone based on location

Pages will be web-only

Privacy displays

A new take on the iPod Nano

A fitness centre app

Magnetic data transmission

A touch display that doubles as an RFID reader

An Apple-branded TV with laser projection

A Spaces-like application switcher for the iPad

An app to help you meet people

A Beatles-branded Facebook killer?

Even thinner audio jacks

A location-based radio app

A noise-cancelling headset

iPhone laser tag!

A system to install 3G in laptops

iPhone Nano

Invisible, light-based user interface

Forced commercials

Video stabilisation for FaceTime

Aperture may be coming to touch devices

Apple's innovation isn't always its own

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