Apple's 'super resolution mode' could enable future iPhones to take panoramas with just one tap

Apple has been granted a camera patent for creating “super-resolution” images, which would use the optical image stabilisation in an iPhone’s camera to take a single-shot panoramic image, according to Patently Apple.

iOS devices have been able to take panoramic photos since the introduction of iOS 6 in 2012, but instead of moving the device to capture a sequence of images, the camera sensor itself would move instead. That means future iPhones could remove the stress of keeping your iPhone steady as you rotate it around for panoramas — just one tap and you’re done.

If Apple were to somehow rush this feature out before the iPhone 7 (highly unlikely), this process would currently be limited to the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus, as they’re the only two iOS devices to have optically stabilised lenses.

An iPhone camera overhaul may be coming later this year, however.

Although the introduction of super-resolution images would differentiate the iPhone’s camera from its competitors, it’s important to understand that this patent was granted along with 42 others, so there’s no guarantee that it will ever appear in an actual Apple device.

Either way, “super resolution mode” does have a nice ring to it.

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