These Are The First 10 Apps That Work With Apple's Digital iPhone Wallet, Passbook

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Yesterday Apple released it’s latest iPhone software update, iOS 6. One of the flagship features for iPhone is a new app called Passbook.

Passbook aims to remove a little bit of bulk from your wallet and key chain. It is designed to be a hub for discount cards, concert tickets, coupons, and the like.

We put together a list of the first 9 apps to support the feature. As time goes on we’re sure this list will get bigger and bigger.

Flickd Movies With Netflix, for booking tickets

Flickd helps you stay on top of movies both new and old. If you hear about a movie you'd like to see, add it to your Flickd list and you'll be notified when it's released in theatres, Blu-ray, DVD and on Netflix Instant.

Flickd supports gestures, notifications, and the ability to automatically add items to your Netflix queue.

The app was updated with Passbook support. Now if you buy a movie ticket through Flickd a pass for the movie will be added to your Passbook.

Price: $0.99 At Bat, for entrance to ballparks

With At Bat you can stream every single MLB game live to your smartphone or tablet. The app provides breaking news, standings, schedules, rosters, and stats. At Bat has been updated to support a delivery option for game ticket purchases. Supported MLB ballparks include, AT&T Park, Citi Field, Fenway Park and Kauffman Stadium. The app also supports the iPhone 5's larger screen so you can see more of the game.

*After the All-Star break the app drops to $9.99 for the remainder of the season.

**MLB.TV Premium subscribers receive At Bat 12 for free.

Price: $14.99 or a monthly recurring fee of $2.99, for the season.

Walgreens, for redeeming rewards

Walgreens' app is pretty useful. It lets you refill your prescription from your smartphone. The app even sends you reminders when its time to take that pill and when your prescription is about to run out.

Passbook support has been added to take advantage of the company's Balance Rewards program. Now you can throw your plastic key chain away.

Price: Free

Ticketmaster, for storing events tickets

Ticketmaster is your gateway to concerts and other events.

If you choose, the Ticketmaster App can help connect you to nearby concerts based on the music in your iTunes library.

Ticketmaster says Passbook is supported for certain venues. We'll have to wait and see exactly what those venues are, but the support for the app is live.

Price: Free

Target, for rewards and coupons

The Target app helps you wade through the company's enormous amount of products. Target's Passbook support allows you to receive coupons directly in the app and scan them in the store.

Price: Free

Live Nation, for concert tickets

The Live Nation app is similar to Ticketmaster; they are owned by the same company, after all.

The Live Nation app lets your phone be your ticket.

When you buy tickets through Live Nation or Ticketmaster, the app saves your orders and can be used as entry into your concert. If the venue supports it, you can transfer your tickets to your Passbook too.

Price: Free

Fandango, for buying movie tickets

Fandango is the easily the best way to purchase movie tickets from your phone. You can look up what's playing near you and get a ticket

Passbook support allows you to send and store your mobile ticket but only for participating theatres.

Price: Free

Lufthansa, for storing your boarding passes

If you're travelling on Lufthansa airlines, you'll want to take advantage of its app. It allows you to keep up with flight status and flight time tables.

The app already support mobile boarding pass but now with Passbook support its even easier.

Price: Free

Sephora to Go, for getting rewards and discounts

Sephora shoppers rejoice. The app now supports your beauty card so you don't have to scramble for it when you're in line.

Sephora's Passbook features also allow you to scan your beauty card in stores to earn and redeem points, view your points balance, and get notified of perks and benefits.

Price: Free

United, for storing your boarding pass and redeeming rewards

United is one of the flagship partners of Passbook. You can use the app to book a flight, check in, get push notifications of your flight status, and more.

With Passbook support, everything about your flight is integrated directly into the app, your tickets are never far away.

Price: Free

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