Apple's jaw-dropping 'spaceship' campus is open -- take a look from above

It’s been a long few years, but Apple’s $US5 billion campus, with its famous “spaceship” building, is finally finished – mostly.

Earlier this month, Apple started inviting people to the new visitor center at Apple Park, the building’s only space open to the public, which serves coffee and sells exclusive Apple swag. Employees started moving into the new campus earlier this year, and the pace is expected to pick up in the coming months.

The campus certainly looks finished. Thousands of trees have been planted, paths have been paved, and the building’s roof has been covered in solar panels. There’s only a bit of landscaping work still going on near the campus gym.

Matthew Roberts, who has been diligently flying a drone over Apple Park for over a year to photograph it, has delivered the best look at the campus’s finishing touches from the skies.

Take a look:

Here’s Apple Park and the distinctive, circular “spaceship” building, situated in Cupertino, California.

This is a grand entrance to a big gathering area and cafe. Apple’s rolled out the “green carpet” of grass.

Security checkpoints are already in use around the campus.

Part of the idea behind the building was to blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors.

The interior of the “spaceship” has had groves of fruit trees planted.

And the central fountain is finally complete.

Apple Park has one of the biggest solar roofs in the world. Solar power at Apple Park will produce 17 megawatts of power, which will power 75% of the campus.

Here’s the visitor’s center that opened earlier this month. This is the only part of the campus open to the public. That roof deck looks nice.

Here’s the remaining landscaping that needs to be done around the campus fitness center.

Apple Park is a landmark for sure.

Check out the entire video:

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