Apple Paid Tim Cook A Ton Of Cash Just For Not Taking Vacation

Being Apple’s CEO is a lot of work.

So much work, in fact, that Apple paid Tim Cook a handsome sum for all the vacation days he didn’t take in 2014, according to a recent filing.

Cook got $US56,923 in vacation cash-out last year, the value of all the time he worked instead of taking time off.

For comparison, the median household income in the US was around $US54,000 last year.

Cook also got a $US6.7 million bonus last year, so the vacation pay may not matter so much.

Apple’s CEO wasn’t the only exec to leave vacation time on the table last year.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services, got $US42,308 of vacation cash-out in 2014.

These payments are just a small portion of Cook and Cue’s overall compensation, but they demonstrate just how valuable Apple’s top brass is to the company on a daily basis.

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