Apple's new MacBook sounds like it fixes the one major complaint about the MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has widely been considered one of the best, if not the best laptop. It’s super slim, portable, gorgeous, and powerful enough to handle most everyday tasks. But there was one critical area where it was lacking compared to its rivals — its screen.

The MacBook Air has a 1366 x 768 resolution screen instead of a Retina display like Apple’s more recent MacBook Pros.

It made the MacBook Air somewhat of a tough sell considering you could get cheaper laptops that are almost equally light that come with gorgeous touch screens, like the new Dell XPS 13.

But Apple’s new razor-thin laptop seems to have eradicated that issue, at least according to early reviews of the device. It’s 2304 x 1440-resolution screen and thin side bezels have gotten rave reviews from critics so far:

  • Darrell Etherington from TechCrunch writes: “The display alone is a big selling point on this MacBook, especially for those who’ve been making due with the standard resolution screens of existing MacBook Airs or older notebooks…Apple’s display tech remains one of its crowning achievements, and in a device this small, with the minimal bezel and combined display/glass manufacturing technology, it makes a huge difference.”
  • Dieter Bohn of The Verge writes: “But ignore those specs and just look at it: it simply puts the screen on the MacBook Air to shame… It’s sharp and bright, and Apple also switched the bezels to black to match the rest of the Retina MacBook lineup. Those bezels are thin, too, so the combination makes the screen feel really big.”
  • Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal writes: With the 2304×1440-pixel screen, photos look like they were painted on, and even boring text is nice to look at. Prepare for your eyes to be spoiled. Now when I go back to my MacBook Air’s lower-res display, everything looks pixelated.

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