Apple’s newest iPad is a tiny powerhouse

Apple ipad pro

Apple just announced a new, 9.7-inch iPad Pro — smaller than the original, gigantic 12.9″ iPad Pro model, but with the same support for the Apple Pencil stylus and with a better camera.

It appears that this smaller iPad Pro replaces the iPad Air in Apple’s product line. The iPad Air hasn’t gotten an update since late 2014, making this a long-overdue refresh.

At 9.6 inches, the new iPad Pro has the same screen size as Apple’s very first iPad, released in 2010. But just like its bigger cousin, the new iPad Pro is designed around productivity and high-end graphics and audio.

“Many people are telling us that the iPad Pro has become their primary computing device,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In fact, Apple is doubling down in the iPad Pro’s ability to replace a traditional laptop, in both the bigger and smaller sizes.

“You might not know this, but the majority of iPad Pro users are coming from a Windows PC,” says Apple’s Phil Schiller.


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