Apple just introduced its first black Lightning cable -- but you'll have to buy the $5,000 iMac Pro to get it

  • Apple is including a black Lightning cable along with its new iMac Pro.
  • It’s the first time Apple has introduced a black Lightning cable, which charges iPhones, among other Apple products.
  • But it’s not available on Apple’s website, so customers can only get it by purchasing the $US5,000 iMac Pro computer.

Anyone who buys the new iMac Pro will get a pleasant surprise: a black Lightning cable.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee got an early look at the new iMac Pro and posted his first impressions of the computer Tuesday morning. In his video, he notes that Apple included a black Lightning cable instead of the standard white. We also spotted this change on 9to5Mac.

The $US5,000 desktop computer – which goes on sale Thursday – comes in a new space grey colour, so it makes sense that Apple would include accessories to match. The new black Lightning cable charges up the iMac keyboard, mouse, and trackpad, along with any iPhone.

Apple has never altered the colour of its cables before. Charging cables, headphones, and adapters have historically been white, even if the device is black. Of course, you’ve been able to buy off-brand cables in black through brands like AmazonBasics and Belkin, but never through Apple.

I own a space grey iPhone 6s and it’s always bugged me that my charger and headphones are so blindingly white and noticeable. A black charging cable would match my phone and be a lot more subtle. For me, having white phone accessories is akin to having a huge Apple logo stamped on everything (at least I can hide the one on my iPhone behind a case).

But before anyone gets too excited about the new colour options, there’s one catch: Like its other new space grey accessories, Apple doesn’t sell the new black Lightning cable separately, at least not yet. For now, the only way to get it is if you shell out for a $US5,000 iMac Pro. That may change in the future, but unless you plan on buying a new iMac Pro, your best shot at getting an à la carte black Lightning cable might be through a reseller like eBay.

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