Here's what everyone's getting wrong about Apple Music on Sonos

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Some people, including me, freaked out upon learning that Apple Music wouldn’t work natively with Sonos wireless speakers — despite every other major music service having a Sonos integration — and we chalked it up to cold-hearted competitive machinations by Apple. We were somewhat relieved but still frustrated on learning that Apple would be adding an integration by year-end.

After signing up for Apple Music Tuesday night, however, I realise the lack of native support is a pretty minor problem. All you need is an Apple TV.

See, music services with Sonos integration can be controlled via the Sonos app, alongside controls for what plays on what speakers at what volume.

Although Apple Music doesn’t work in the Sonos app yet, it can stream through Apple TV over AirPlay. This method actually has an upside in that you get to select music through the beautiful Apple Music app, rather than the subpar version you would see if accessing it through the Sonos app. The only downside is that to control what speakers and play at what volume you’ll have to open the Sonos app.

Using Airplay may in fact be better than the Sonos integration, and it’s at least good enough to tide me over until Apple Music rolls out Sonos integration later this year.

This morning I selected Apple’s new Beats 1 streaming radio station on Apple Music and played it through Apple TV; I switched to the Sonos app to turn it on in my bedroom, living room, and bathroom; and all my worries faded away.

Apple musicAppleThe Apple Music app for iPhone.

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