Apple's new music streaming app can scan your music library to find out what genres and artists you like

Apple’s new music streaming service, Apple Music, launches today, and a handful of publications got an early look at the service. One interesting detail picked up by both Rolling Stone and Re/code is that Apple Music has a clever way of figuring out what music you like.

Rolling Stone writes that when you first sign into Apple Music, it encourages you to let it scan your existing music library. “The service will also scan your music library to see your preferred artists,” Rolling Stone says.

It’s really useful that Apple figures out your music taste for you, as it saves customers from manually selecting which artists and genres they like. However, the app also has a series of bubbles that you can tap on to select what you like.

Here’s how Mashable describes Apple Music’s bubble system (which is the same as Beats Music):

You start by tapping dots with genres of music. The more you tap, the bigger a bubble gets. You can remove bubbles you don’t like and pick and choose what types of music you like. Then move to artists, where you do the same thing.

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