Apple Music just launched its first virtual reality music video with U2

Chris Milk and his virtual reality company Vrse teamed up with Apple Music to transform U2’s “Song for Someone” into a virtual reality experience. And you can view it today.

The music video is available on iOS and Google Play and can be viewed using Google Cardboard. You can also use your phone and turn it to see the different scenes in the video if you don’t have Google Cardboard (which is easier if you have a swivel chair).

London fans got to experience it on an Apple-branded bus with Oculus Rift headsets before a U2 show this weekend. Apple partnered with Vrse two months before Apple Music was launched, Wired reported. Apple Music and Vrse are currently working on another project with the band Muse to create a “post-apocalyptic action film,” according to Wired. 

The music video starts with the Apple logo and then pans to Bono playing alone on stage in an amphitheater. From there you can turn your head to see other band members. But as the song progresses, other musicians appear who are also playing along with Bono.

It’s actually a pretty cool mashup — it takes what is a pretty terrible song and makes it more interesting by showing how different musicians, from an orchestra ensemble to a woman playing solo guitar in her room, interpret it.

The coolest thing about the experience is how the audio levels change based on where you’re looking. If someone is finishing their part of the song, it will quiet down until you turn to look at the next person. 


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