Apple Music is now cheaper if you're a student

Apple on Friday announced it is going to offer discounts for students that subscribe from Apple Music, starting today.

We first learned about the news on TechCrunch.

Any students can now purchase an individual subscription with Apple Music for just $4.99 — that’s half the normal starting price for Apple’s music streaming service.

This discount applies to students in the US, UK, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland — regardless of age or degree. These students can receive discounts over four continuous years or non-continuous years, should they take a break from schooling.

The $4.99 discount for students also works for new customers as well as existing Apple Music subscribers.

This move is Apple’s way of better competing with Spotify, which currently has more than double the number of subscribers (13 million vs. 30 million). For years now, Spotify has offered an equivalent discount for students: $4.99 per month, just like this new Apple Music student discount.

Apple is also reportedly in the midst of overhauling Apple Music. The company has responded to many customers’ complaints about the service’s messy and less-than-intuitive interface, and the service should get a pretty big update in the fall when the new versions of iOS and OS X launch to the public.

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