Apple Music finally supports the leading wireless speaker system — Sonos

Pricey Sonos speakers can finally play songs streamed through Apple Music.

Sonos announced on Tuesday that Apple Music is now available on Sonos systems worldwide. Sonos players will be able to stream the entire Apple Music catalogue as well as other key features like Radio and Beats 1.

Sonos is a high-end system of wireless speakers that requires that music played on them be queued up through its own software. Users won’t be able to stream music to a Sonos speaker through the Apple Music app, only through Sonos’ own app.

Sonos is by far the most popular wireless audio system used by the 100 largest custom electronics installers. While Sonos has long offered a list of streaming services including Spotify and Tidal, it previously did not support Apple Music.

Sonos has been testing Apple Music integration as part of an open beta for weeks with Apple’s blessing, allowing customers with both a Sonos system and an Apple Music subscription to try the integration and hunt bugs before its official release.

“The feedback from Apple Music members on Sonos during the beta period has been great,” Apple internet software and services boss Eddy Cue said in a statement

Federico Viticci posted a review of the Sonos integration on Macstories based on his experience with the beta:

Overall, Apple Music integration is good news for users who own a Sonos system. The Sonos app is ok and streaming from Apple Music works well, as does search. But if you want the full Apple Music experience, you’ll still have to use the Music app on your iPhone and iPad.

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