Apple Finishes Building Its Secret New Online Music Service


Apple has completed work on its cloud music service, Reuters reports citing sources.

The new service will allow users to store music on Apple’s servers and stream to iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Apple has been working on this for a while now, and if it’s well executed it should provide a competitive advantage over Google’s Android, which doesn’t yet have a similar service.

Google has been in talks with music labels for a while now on a similar music service, but the talks are said to be “broken,” and going backwards.

Amazon recently introduced its own service without the labels permission. It appears to have emboldened Apple to do the same.

According to Reuters, “Apple has yet to sign any new licenses for the service and major music labels are hoping to secure deals before the service is launched, three of the sources said. Apple has not told its music partners of when it intends to introduce its music locker, they said.”

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