Apple, Microsoft, Google And News Corp Are All Sniffing Around Twitter

Google and Apple are interested in buying hot microblogging startup Twitter?

Not true, reports BoomTown’s Kara Swisher.

It’s actually, Google, Apple and Microsoft and News Corp that are sniffing around. Kara reports:

Because this is America, a bid for Twitter could come at any time and in any amount.

That’s why Apple has indeed said hello. Why Microsoft’s business development team has been busy formulating a valuation. Why Google’s M&A guy, David Lawee has called into its HQ many times with kind expressions of desire. And why News Corp. execs, including Rupert Murdoch himself, have murmured tweet nothings to the Twitter team.

Kara says it’s pretty clear to her that Twitter execs don’t want to sell the company because “there is a sense when you talk to its founders and investors that they truly believe they are onto some very important interactive communications paradigm shift in the Internet arena with their start-up.”

But if it one of those suitors were to come out with something like a $700 million offer, “an epic free-for-all wrestling match to the death would break out among all of them, most especially Google and Microsoft.”

We can’t wait!

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