Apple might announce three new iPhone models next month

Ipod coloursAppleThe iPhone ‘6C’ could have the same colours as the the newest iPods, as well as the iPhone 5C

Apple might release three new iPhone models this year, including the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone 6C.

Prominent and reliable mobile device leaker Evan Blass published a fresh leak via Twitter on Tuesday that Apple will release three new iPhones at its annual iPhone announcement event.

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhones on September 9.

News of the iPhones 6S and 6S Plus aren’t that surprising, as Apple has consistently released “S” models of its premium flagship devices a year after they’re released ever since the iPhone 3G. Also, rumours and component leaks have been emerging fairly steadily in the last few months

However, the iPhone 6C was more elusive, as rumours emerged that Apple was working on a “C” model of the iPhone 6 with a 4-inch display, and some rumours even claimed that it was ready for production. But details about its production apparently completely disappeared, and it was claimed that plans for a “C” model was scrapped by Apple. 

Few details about the iPhone 6C are available, but we can look to the iPhone 5C, as well as the recently refreshed iPods, for hints.

Just like the 5C was essentially an iPhone 5 re-packaged with colourful plastic backs, it’s likely that the iPhone 6C will have the same components, specs, and screen size as the iPhone 6. The 5C was also released in conjunction with the iPhone 5S. 

In terms of physical design and materials, it’s logical that the iPhone 6C would look very similar to the iPhone 6, just like the 5C was similar to the 5. The closest thing to a colourful iPhone 6C is the new iPod touch models that came out a few weeks ago. However, the new iPods have aluminium backs rather than plastic, and it’s not clear whether or not Apple will use aluminium or plastic for the 6C.

It seems now that Apple will be releasing two new flagship devices with differing screen sizes every year, as well as a third “C” model every other year from now on. That’s a shift from its previous device cycles where the company would only release one device per year. 

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