Apple is reportedly testing a new pink colour variant for the iPhone, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

You currently have three colour options to choose from when buying an iPhone: gold, silver, and space grey.

The only time Apple has strayed outside of those colour choices is when it released the iPhone 5c, which comes in bright colours such as yellow, white, green, pink, and blue.

This sounds like it would be different, however. The coloured casing for the iPhone 5c is made of a glossy plastic, while the Journal’s report refers to a new pink colour choice for Apple’s aluminium-cased iPhones.

It’s unclear if this will ever make it to market, since the report says Apple is just “testing” the new colour. We also don’t know what shade of pink Apple is considering.

Maybe it would be similar to the pink Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Or maybe the same shade of pink Apple uses for the pink iPod Mini.

Or maybe a lighter shade of pink like that of the older iPod mini:

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