REPORT: Apple May Launch A Super-High-Resolution 5K Display This Year

It’s been almost three years since Apple launched its standalone Thunderbolt Displays, but a new version could arrive later this year.

A new report from LCD market research firm WitsView suggests Apple could announce a 27-inch, super-high resolution 5K display before the end of the year, which would cram well over 14 million pixels into a display with a stunning 5120 x 2880 resolution.

The display would likely feature a design similar to Apple’s current iMac lineup.

While Apple could be readying a 5K display, MacRumors suggests a “Cinema 4K” display with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 could be more likely, as Apple’s current lineup of computers can only support a 4K resolution at this time.

In the past, Apple has announced new standalone displays at inconsistent intervals, which makes it tough to predict when the next upgrade cycle will be.

It’s still possible to purchase a 5K display, however, as Dell recently unveiled a 27-inch monitor sporting the same resolution of the rumoured Apple display, though it will set you back $US2,500.

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