Apple Maps is dominating Google Maps on the iPhone

Apple Maps is now used by three times as many people as “its next leading competitor” (which is likely Google Maps) on the iPhone and iPad, according to Apple.

The service, which launched three years ago, suffered numerous problems. Apple CEO Tim Cook apologised and promised fixes. The changes worked, however, as the app now has over five billion map-related requests per week

Google’s Map app was removed as the default client when Apple Maps launched. Google made a third-party version which has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Research firm ComScore, which measures how many people use a service every month, gives Apple a “modest lead” over Google, according to The Boston Globe.

Apple has been moving to replace the majority of Google’s services on the iPhone after replacing Maps with its own offering. The company has, according to reports, been looking to changing its default search engine to Microsoft’s Bing or Yahoo’s search.

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