Apple Is Going To Release A Smaller Version MacBook Pro With The Ultra High Resolution Retina Display

retina macbook pro 3

Photo: Kevin Smith, Business Insider

Apple is prepared to announce a lot more than just a new iPhone this week, according to Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai at DigiTimes.Citing upstream supply chain sources, Tsai and Lee report Apple has begun mass shipping of new iMacs, as well as 13-inch MacBook Pros with retina displays. Retina display is Apple-speak for super high resolution screens.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about these products. At the end of August we heard about a smaller MacBook Pro with retina. Last week read reports Apple was preparing for a refresh of the iMac.

Tsai and Lee say Apple planned to release three new iMac models with upgraded screens, but due to a manufacturing problem it will now only release two new models. These models are in the low to mid range. The model that has been put on hold was a high end model.

Perhaps that means Apple was trying to release a retina display iMac, but ran into manufacturing problems.

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