Apple Likely To Unveil New iPhone June 8

Apple (AAPL) will probably show off its next iPhone on June 8.

That’s the first day of Apple’s 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference, which is when we expect the company to unveil its new iPhone and show off the final version of its iPhone 3.0 software.

More important: Will Apple CEO Steve Jobs present — or at least make an appearance — at WWDC? His medical leave is not scheduled to end until “late June,” so maybe not. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Steve made a cameo, either to show off the new iPhone or to announce that he was retiring as CEO.

WWDC will take place June 8-12 at the Moscone West expo hall in San Francisco. Assuming Apple’s new product keynote is on Monday — same as last year — that’s June 8 that the company will probably show off the new phone.

As with last year, there is no guarantee the phone will ship on June 8. It’s possible Apple won’t start shipping new phones for several days or weeks. Last year, there was a four-plus-week gap between the iPhone 3G announcement and its first day of sales.

We don’t expect a radical new phone with a significantly different design or feature set. rumoured new features include faster graphics and Internet capabilities and video recording. It’s possible Apple will cut the price on the current iPhone 3G to $99, with the new phone taking over as Apple’s high-end offering.

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