Apple Is About To Let Retail Employees Try Out IOS Super Early

Apple is going to start using retail employees to test new versions of iOS before they’re released, reports 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman.

The pre-testing could begin as early as iOS 8.2.

Apple’s decision to broaden its software testing comes after a series of stumbles last year.

The company’s first update to iOS 8, 8.0.1, was immediately pulled after users complained that it caused their phones to lose cell connectivity and disabled Touch ID. 

That debacle stunted iOS 8 adoption for weeks.

People have also complained about other issues with iOS 8 like problems with third-party keyboards and iMessage glitches.

More pre-testing could help Apple produce more polished software down the road.

Despite the problems with iOS, Apple’s awesome hardware has kept the company afloat.

Apple will keep developers interested in iOS as long as it keeps dominating with devices.

It only stands to gain by letting employees test software.

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