Apple Says It 'Bent Over Backwards' To Help Its Bankrupt Sapphire Supplier

Tim CookAPApple CEO Tim Cook

We’re learning more details about Apple’s relationship with GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT), thanks to recently unsealed court documents.

GTAT was rumoured to be producing sapphire display covers for the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch until it filed for bankruptcy protection in October.

In an affidavit unsealed on Friday, GTAT chief operating officer Daniel Squiller blamed Apple for GTAT’s decision to file for bankruptcy.

“GTAT incurred losses — resulting in the current liquidity crisis — due to Apple’s inordinate control over GTAT’s liquidity, operations (including control over product specifications), and decision making,” wrote Squiller.

Here’s what Apple’s lawyers had to say about that in the unsealed filing:

Contrary to the picture painted by the Debtors in the Supplemental Declaration, Apple has bent over backwards to work with the Debtors, including making payments to the company notwithstanding the company’s failure to meet performance milestones, in the hope of obtaining usable, economically viable sapphire from the Debtors.

Far from the villain in these chapter 11 cases, Apple is the largest victim of the Debtors’ failure to perform under the agreements it negotiated at arms’ length and with advice of counsel.

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