Apple just pretty much confirmed that Apple TV apps are coming

If you’ve been following the rumours, you know that Apple was supposed to announce a brand new version of the Apple TV, the little box that connects to the internet and allows you to stream video to your TV, at its annual developer conference on Monday.

That clearly didn’t happen. 

But it seems like the company has inadvertently confirmed that the next Apple TV will have something its predecessor doesn’t: an App Store.

Developers have been noticing references to Apple TV apps in Apple’s own documentation. For the first time, the Apple TV is even listed in the company’s developer tools for building apps.


The current Apple TV has apps from a host of video providers, like Netflix, HBO, and YouTube, but allowing apps on the device would open up a whole world of possibilities that haven’t existed before.

This means that third-party developers may be able to create apps and games specifically for the Apple TV, like they have been doing for the iPhone and iPad for years.  

Apple representatives did not immediately return a request for comment.

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