Apple Just Became The Most Valuable U.S. Company Of All Time

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook is thrilled.

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Apple’s run continues this morning. It’s up 2.3% as of this writing, hitting $662, and giving it a market cap of $622.7 billion. 

According to Bloomberg, this means Apple is the most valuable U.S. company in history. The previous record holder was Microsoft at $618.9 billion in 1999.

Globally Apple still has some work to do, PetroChina hit $1 trillion in market cap in 2007 during its first day of trading in Shanghai. (It’s now at $253 billion.)

The next major milestone for Apple is closing above $621 billion. Then it’s on to $700 a share. 

What’s driving the stock? Our guess would be the impeding release of the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, Apple TV talk, as well as the potential for Apple to win its suit against Samsung.