Apple's Jony Ive wants to design a soap dispenser

Jony IveGettyJony Ive.

Jony Ive wants to design a soap dispenser.

Apple’s top designer revealed his ambition during a recent interview with The Financial Times.

“There aren’t any good soap dispensers,” Ive explained, adding that it “really bothers” him.

Ive is credited with leading the design of all of Apple’s top products, from the iPhone to original iMac. He’s even in charge of designing Apple’s futuristic, spaceship-like campus that’s about to open.

But the famed designer has also crafted a diverse range of objects outside of Apple over the years, including a special Leica camera and a Christmas tree.

Ive is clearing still thinking about designing products that would fall outside of Apple’s purview. We’re interested to see what his take on soap dispensers will be!

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