Apple Announces Date On Which It Will Start Screwing Publishers

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Apple has told publishers that, as of March 31st, the publishers have to start cutting Apple in on all content sales.

We wrote up what we know about the new policy here.

Basically, any publisher who sells content via its own site for iPads and iPhones will also have to sell it via Apple’s iTunes–and pay Apple a 30% cut of all sales.

Jessica Vascellaro and Yukari Iwatani Kane of the WSJ report that this new regime will take effect March 31.

We don’t have all the details yet, so we’ll withhold final judgement. On its face, however, this new policy seems egregious and greedy.

Imagine if Microsoft had demanded a 30% cut of every app sold that ran on Windows–people would have gone insane. 

The defence that people generally invoke for Apple is that it doesn’t (yet) have monopoly market share and it can do what it wants with “its platform.”  But the policy still feels wrong.

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