Apple is successfully branding itself as the greenest company in Silicon Valley

Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. Getty

Apple’s App Store got a very green makeover on Thursday.

People looking to install software on iPhones and iPads are being presented with a new campaign and banner image on the front page of the App Store, called Apps for Earth. The promotion is intended to raise awareness about conservation and environmental issues such as climate change.

As part of the campaign, the proceeds from 27 different apps will go directly to the World Wildlife Fund. Some of the apps are top grossers, like Hearthstone and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Apple doesn’t just talk — it does appear to be a company that is genuinely dedicated to fighting climate change. One participating app developer told Mashable that Apple employees “really do care. It’s not greenwashing. They really drink the Kool-Aid.”

Apple also released its latest environmental report, covering 2015, on Thursday. Apple brags that 93% of its energy comes from renewable sources, although some of that figure comes from Apple buying carbon credits to offset conventional electricity it uses.

But Apple is also building and funding huge fields full of solar panels to power its data centres and office operations. Earlier this year, it issued its first “green bond,” raising money that can only be used for environmentally-friendly projects.

All eyes on Lisa Jackson

Apple lisa jackson liam

The report comes as Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP for environmental, policy, and social initiatives, has become a prominent public face for the company.

At Apple’s recent iPhone launch event, Jackson took the stage for the first time to tout the company’s commitment to clean energy, and introduced a new recycling robot, called Liam, which ended up ultimately stealing the show away from Apple’s other products.

Jackson was also scheduled to speak at an event at Google headquarters earlier this week about climate change, although she backed out at the last minute.

Jackson is not only an expert in the environment, but she’s a political creature as well. Before she joined Apple, she was a member of Obama’s cabinet, as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2009 to 2013.

And on Thursday, Apple confirmed that it had hired a new top lobbyist, Cynthia Hogan, a DC insider who had previously worked for the NFL and Vice President Joe Biden. She’ll be reporting to — who else — Jackson.

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