Apple Is Reportedly Replacing The iPad Mini’s Terrible Screen, Which Even Apple-Loving Bloggers Hate

ipad mini

[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, Business Insider”]

When the iPad Mini came out earlier this fall, Apple bloggers MG Siegler, John Gruber, Dan Frommer, and Marco Arment loved it so much they started calling it “the real iPad.”The only thing they all hated about it was its screen. 

To use Apple’s marketing lingo, it’s not a “retina” display. You can actually see pixels in it.

Siegler, Gruber, Frommer, and Arment are used to iOS devices like theiPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 3, and iPad 4 that have the “retina” display and they say the iPad Mini’s lack of one is “rough.” Gruber said his wife reacted to it by saying “ew, this screen is terrible.”

But now, Chinese tech news site Digitimes says Apple is currently working with is Asian suppliers to build a better, higher-resolution screen for the iPad Mini.

Digitimes also says the already incredibly light iPad Mini will be even lighter, thanks to new LED technology that will reduce the number of light bars in the gadget down to one.

It can be hard to trust sites like Digitimes, because they are full of unconfirmed rumours and sometimes they get things wrong.

But the world’s scoopiest Apple reporter, 9to5 Mac’s Mark Gurman, says Digitimes actually has a “a credible track record in regards to the technologies that power the displays in Apple’s products.”

So this is pretty exciting news. It’s also a surprise. The consensus amongst Apple experts was that the iPad Mini wouldn’t get a higher quality screen anytime soon, because a retina display would make the iPad Mini cost much more, decrease its battery life, make its form factor fatter, and the whole thing heavier.