Apple Is Quietly Testing Designs For A High-Res, Big-Screen TV

apple tv set side

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Apple is testing multiple high resolution, big-screen TV-set designs, The Wall Street Journal reports.It’s working with suppliers in Asia. Apple’s previous partner, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, may be helping with the designs, WSJ’s sources say. Hon Hai also helped Apple create the iPhone and iPad.

Yes, this all means an Apple TV  may be one-step closer to your living room. But don’t start rearranging furniture yet. The product won’t be made and ready to ship any time soon.

Apple tests new designs all the time, and it sounds like the TV design process is still in a very early stage. One source told WSJ that it isn’t a “formal Apple project” yet.

WSJ’s report also follows a recent interview with Tim Cook, in which the Apple CEO said the company had a strong interest in televisions. Steve Jobs said that too.

“No matter what they say or don’t say, Apple is — like nearly every other technology company — extremely interested in developing products for your living room,” a sceptical Engadget writes. “Unfortunately, for reasons ranging from studio licensing agreements to DRM to a lack of access to pay-TV provider data/content, it’s very difficult to do with the level of polish and control of experience Apple would like.”



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