Apple is slashing the prices on 100 popular apps -- get them while you still can

Apple is currently running one of the largest app sales of the year, slashing the price on 100 apps and games to just $US0.99 each, according to 9to5Mac.

The sale is divided by category, and the apps are broken up into the following categories:

  1. Apps for photography lovers
  2. Apps for kids
  3. Smart tools for everyone
  4. Game hits
  5. App store veterans
  6. More games to explore

$US0.99 is a deep discount for some of these titles, like Pixelmator, a popular image editor that usually retails for $US5. Some other photography lover’s standouts are Facetune and Retromatic.

On the productivity side, the PDF reader GoodReader, which also normally costs $US5, is the best deal to be had.

The games include a variety of old and new hits, from Angry Birds to Darklings to Goat Simulator.

Apple hasn’t specified how long the sale will last, so it could end at any time, though it’s likely it will last until next Thursday, the day of the week when Apple usually refreshes the App Store.

To explore the entire collection of discounted apps, you can head on over to the App store.

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