Apple is fixing that scary Mac OS X bug sooner than expected

New macbook gold colourAPThe vulnerability in Mac OS X will be fixed sooner than expected.

Apple is working quickly to fix a vulnerability recently discovered in its Mac OS X that enables hackers to essentially take over computers.

The tech giant is expected to patch the bug, called DYLD, in its next security update, according to a report from The Guardian. This comes as a relief to users as there were some concerns the bug wouldn’t be fixed until the fall when Apple will release the next iteration of the OS called El Capitan.

Hackers are already exploiting the serious zero-day vulnerability, which enables cyber criminals to install malicious applications on a victim’s machine, according to researchers.

The security hole lies in Apple’s new error-logging feature found in Mac OS X 10.10. Basically, the vulnerability lets a hacker run a program on a computer without requiring the user to input their password.

While Apple is traditionally praised for having the most secure devices, it security problems appear to be mounting.

Researchers also recently discovered a vulnerability that enables hackers to breach the firmware of Apple Macs wirelessly. Researchers built a worm dubbed Thunderstrike 2 to show how computers could be infected. Apple, though, has already begun patching the issue.

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