Apple is finally putting women on-stage at its keynotes

At Apple’s WWDC conference today, the Cupertino company made a long overdue change: It finally put a female executive on-stage.

Apple has been talking more about diversity recently. CEO Tim Cook recently gave an interview to Mashable in which he reiterated the work the company still has to do — in its 2014 diversity report (the company’s first), 70% of global employees are women.

However, in the company’s history, it has put just six women on-stage, according to Gizmodo. In 1997, then-CTO Ellen Hancock took to the stage; there hasn’t been another female Apple executive on stage since.

Today, however, Jennifer Bailey appeared — she heads up Apple’s payments program Apple Pay, and talked about the progress it was making.

She’s not the only woman on-stage, either. She was followed up shortly afterwards by Susan Prescott, who directs product management for Apple’s new news app.

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