Apple is dropping QuickTime for Windows after the US government recommended people uninstall it

Windows 95 test
Larry Kurfiss of Seattle works with his Microsoft Windows 95 program July 24, 1995 in his Seattle home. Kurfiss was among 50,000 testers of the new version of the Windows personal computer operating system, scheduled to ship in late August. (AP Photo/Barry Sweet)

Apple has confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that it’s going to stop working on its QuickTime media player for Windows after a security company found flaws in the program.

Last week the US government advised Windows PC users to uninstall QuickTime because cybersecurity firm Trend Micro said it had found two bugs in the program.

The bugs found by Trend Micro could, in theory, allow hackers to take control of a PC by directing QuickTime users to malicious web pages.

Apple hasn’t said that it’s going to fix the flaws — instead it told The Wall Street Journal that it’s just not going to update the software anymore, effectively dropping it from its software line-up.

You can find out how to uninstall QuickTime for Windows here.

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