Apple is bringing some killer apps to the Apple Watch

Apple exec Jeff Williams announced on stage at the Apple event on Wednesday a suite of new apps that are coming to the device. The company said that there are currently 10,000 apps for the Apple Watch, but it highlighted some new apps that would be released later this month.

One of the new apps is Facebook Messenger:

It looks like Messenger works in a similar way to the Apple Watch messages app. You can speak voice messages at the watch and choose to either keep them as audio or have the Apple Watch transcribe them for you.

Apple also showed iTranslate on stage, which will people easily translate different languages by speaking into their Apple Watch. Users can Force Touch on the screen to change the language,

Apple also promoted the health capabilities of the Apple Watch. AirStrip is an app designed for healthcare professionals that can send secure messages and help doctors and nurses to monitor patients.

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