Apple Caves: 'Camera Roll' Is Coming Back To Your IPhone

Apple customers freaked out last month over a change in Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8. Now, it looks like Apple has listened to the feedback.

iOS 8 removed “Camera Roll,” the album where every photo taken with an iPhone is stored. Photos were instead sent to a new folder named “Recently Added.” 

While this is just a small change, it caused outrage. iPhone users were left confused by the move. 

The “Recently Added” folder also contained deleted photos saved on iCloud, meaning that it was impossible to see which photos were actually stored on the device.  It also made deleting photos trickier, as they were then sent to a folder called “Recently Deleted” instead of being removed from the device.

 Here’s how iOS 8 photos used to work:

Unhappy iPhone users complained on Twitter about the removal of camera roll. 

Noticing that people were unhappy, budding app developers have been building apps to provide an unofficial Camera Roll folder that shows all photos saved on a device. They have been using Twitter to track down angry Apple customers and let them know about their apps.

Now, Apple has abandoned its plan to move away from Camera Roll and force users to combine all of their photos together. The new iOS 8.1 beta has been released to developers, and they have noticed that Camera Roll has been restored. 

Here’s what the new beta version of iOS 8 looks like:

Product Reviews reports that a folder named “Camera Roll” has appeared in the new beta version of iOS 8, but that it may simply be a renamed version of “Recently Added” designed to stop users being confused.

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