There's only one colour you should consider if you're thinking about buying the iPhone XS

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
  • The new iPhone XS comes in three colours: black, white, and gold.
  • While all three colours are beautiful, the gold version is the best.
  • The gold iPhone XS looks so premium and luxurious, it’s quite possibly the best-looking phone on the market right now.

So, you’re ready to buy the new iPhone XS.

You’ve been psyching yourself up for weeks, debating whether you really should drop over $US1,000 on a new phone. You’ve hemmed and hawed, trying to decide between the less expensive iPhone XR and the pricier iPhone XS. Finally, you’ve decided: you are in for the top of the line, the XS.

Now comes the hard part: what colour do you buy?

I’ve been using the iPhone XS Max in gold for the last week or so, and if you ask me, there’s no contest: buy it in gold.

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Now, I’ve used last year’s iPhone X in both black and white in the past – which are the same colours as this year’s iPhone XS – and they’re beautiful phones. Apple did a nice job making them feel high-end and different enough from iPhones of the past.

But the gold is special.

The phone’s stainless steel edges aren’t a cheap-looking yellow gold. They’re a deep, brassy gold that looks pricey and rare. It’s a colour I’ve never seen before on an iPhone, and the closest thing I can think of on any other smartphone are the gold accents on the Essential Phone.

Take a look for yourself:

IPhone XS MaxHollis Johnson/Business Insider

The back of the phone is no less impressive. It’s an iridescent, rosy, pearly gold that has a slightly mirrored finish – in a pinch, you can check your reflection in it.

The colour isn’t exactly yellow gold, and it isn’t exactly rose gold, but somewhere in the middle. It’s not in-your-face, or gaudy, or any sort of cheap-looking bling; it’s not overtly feminine, or overtly masculine. It’s just … luxurious.

It’s hard to capture the colour in a photo, but this image gives a hint of how gorgeous the device is:

IPhone XS MaxHollis Johnson/Business Insider

If you’re not able to go to an Apple store to see the phone in person, this can be an understandably tough choice. It’s easy to wonder if you’ll get sick of the more adventurous colour over time, or if it will turn out to look different in real life.

But as someone who’s lived with the gold iPhone XS for going on 10 days now, I can tell you that it’s exactly what you’ll hope for, if not better.

So while the black is nice, and the white is tempting, when it comes to the iPhone XS, there’s no question: buy the gold.

You won’t be disappointed.

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