Apple is testing new ways to make the iPhone stand out

  • Apple is apparently experimenting with new screen designs for iPhones that use OLED displays, according to a Bloomberg report.
  • Apple is also said to be experimenting with a new touchless, gesture-driven way to interact with iPhones.
  • There may be more iPhone X-style phones with OLED displays in the works, one of which could have a dramatically larger screen than the original iPhone X.

It’s no surprise that Apple is trying out new ways to make their products more appealing, but a report from Bloomberg potentially reveals what Apple is thinking to make its future iPhones stand out.

The company is reportedly experimenting with curved OLED screens for its future iPhones, according to Bloomberg. Instead of having a display that curves to both sides, like the Infinity Displays on Samsung’s recent Galaxy S and Note smartphones, Apple’s curved display will span from the top to the bottom.

Galaxy s9 case

Apple is also looking at ways that could let iPhone users interact with their phones without touching them, the Bloomberg report also notes. iPhone users could potentially make gestures above their phones near the display for certain controls. According to Bloomberg’s sources, a touchless-gestures feature from Apple would use technology built into the display itself rather than sensing motion from a sensor on the front of the phone. The feature is said to be at least two years away.

There’s no guarantee at this point that Apple’s curved display and gestures projects will actually move forward into future iPhones.

Bloomberg also reinforces rumours that Apple is planning on releasing another iPhone with the iPhone X’s OLED display later this year. The upcoming OLED iPhone is said to have a larger 6.5-inch display than the 5.8-inch iPhone X. A newer model of the original iPhone X is also said to be resized.

“Normal” iPhones with LCD displays – the kind of display in the iPhone 8 – are also getting a refreshed design later this year.

While Bloomberg and its sources are reputable, Apple’s upcoming projects should still be considered as rumours until Apple itself reveals details about its upcoming products.