Apple iPhone Q1 Market Share Doubles, RIM Soars Too

steve jobs iphone tbi

Apple’s (AAPL) Q1 smartphone market share doubled year-over-year to 10.8% last quarter, up from 5.3% in Q1 2008, according to Gartner. What changed? The iPhone price got sliced in half to $199 from $399. And Apple started selling the phone in many more countries.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion representated 19.9% of the smartphone market last quarter, also an impressive leap from 13.3% a year ago. No doubt a buy-one, get-one-free sale helped.

But Nokia (NOK) is still top dog at 41.2% of the smartphone market. Having shipped 15 million smartphones last quarter, that’s more than RIM, Apple, and no. 4 HTC combined. The bad news: That’s down from 45.1% market share a year ago. Nokia is still struggling to match the iPhone in user experience, and that’s starting to hurt them.


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