Apple Wants To Build The Best Movie Showtimes App

iphone movie app

Photo: Illustration: Ellis Hamburger

Apple wants to use your calendar and location data to schedule movies nights for you, according to a 2009 patent discovered this week by Apple Insider.Apple files plenty of crazy patents that never come to fruition, but Apple also loves to take raw data and make native apps that works well.

Take Weather, Stocks, and iOS 5’s new Reminder app, for example. These apps take data from external sources and feed it into a sleek app built by Apple. 

Apple could potentially bring in map data, calendar data, and even data from its popular movie trailers website (just search “trailers” in Google and see what the first result is) and make a pretty great movies app.

The app would also, according to screenshots, enable you to buy a ticket and share the event with others.

Theoretically, Apple could even institute its own movie ticket purchasing service, which isn’t far off from the concert ticket service it patented a while back.

It’s all speculation at this point, but this is a sign that Apple’s thinking about it.

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(via AppleInsider)

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