Apple iPhone Marketing Exec Bails For VC Firm

bob borchers

Apple (AAPL) iPhone marketing exec Bob Borchers is leaving the company to join Opus Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm.

Borchers will focus primarily on investing in startups building mobile applications and services, plus “adjacent opportunities” in hardware and software.

Beyond his inside look at the hottest phone in the world, Borchers’ connections at Apple should be helpful for any company he invests in — especially if they’re making iPhone apps.

At Apple, Bob led the company’s partnership with Nike — where he used to work — and led iPod integration with car companies. He previously also spent six years at Nokia, including a role as vice president of sales and marketing for its super-expensive Vertu luxury phone division.

Borchers also seems to be somewhat of a genius, with a bachelors of mechanical engineering from Stanford and a masters from a joint MIT-Harvard Medical School program in health sciences and technology. He has more than 30 patents granted or pending.

Apple fans know Borchers as just “Bob,” the guy with the excellent posture and carefully controlled diction from Apple’s iPhone guided tour videos. He’s even popular enough among the Mac set to become the target of a few parody videos, such as the 2-year-old iPhone copy-and-paste mockup we’ve embedded below. (Don’t miss the “I Love You” at the end.)

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