Apple currently has a flash sale going for its favourite iPhone games -- get them while you still can

Apple is currently running a sale on its favourite action, adventure, and fantasy iPhone games, and everything is at least 50% off.

The collection features plenty of timeless classics along with popular newcomers too, with award-winning titles including Badland, Limbo, and Final Fantasy IV.

The sale is only happening for a limited time, however, so you’d better act fast before the low prices disappear.

Ravensword: Shadowlands is like Skyrim for your iPhone.

With beautiful graphics that are powered by Unity and a huge open world to explore, Ravensword: Shadowlands lets you customise your hero as you adventure through the Kingdom of Tyreas. There's a reflex-based combat system, ragdoll physics, five different weapons types, charactere classes, and even flying mounts and horses to help you get around.

$US2.99 (usually $US6.99)

Badland is a sidescroller game with beautiful graphics.

Badland is an award-winning action adventure game with 80 unique single-player levels, and the game's gorgeous graphics are some of the best we've seen. Your objective is to guide a creature through creepy environments and beat objectives and challenges, and a multiplayer mode lets up to four players play with he same device.

Price: $US1.99 (usually $US3.99)

Terraria is like 2D version of Minecraft but with a few twists.

Terraria is a charming 2D game that dances along a few different genres, mixing together the creation aspects of games like 'Minecraft' along with crafting and battle elements that will keep you hooked.

Price: $US1.99 (usually $US4.99)

If you like The Legend of Zelda, you'll love Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn is a thrilling adventure game where you're tasked with finding your father after he mysteriously disappears. Like the Zelda games, Oceanhorn places an emphasis on exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and learning to use magic as you journey through the game's sprawling fantasy landscape.

Price: $US3.99 (usually $US8.99)

Limbo is a haunting yet beautiful puzzle game.

With ominous landscapes filled with weird sounds and characters, Limbo is a gripping puzzle game where you follow a boy's disturbing journey to discover his sister's fate. The game has won more than 100 awards since launching.

Price: $US1.99 (usually $US4.99)

Block Fortress combines two popular game genres into one.

If you're a fan of 'Minecraft' for its crafting focus and tower defence games for their strategy, then you'll love Block Fortress. The game lets you imagine and then create your own castle to defend from invaders, and you can even team up with your friends with the game's co-op mode too.

Price: $US0.99 (usually $US1.99)

See how long you can survive in Radiation Island.

Radiation Island is a survival game where you're tasked with discovering the mystery of a tropical island while fighting for your life against everything from wolves to zombies. The open-world environment is great for exploring, but you'll have to be self sufficient if you want to last for long.

Price: $US0.99 (usually $US2.99)

Goblin Sword is a retro platformer with a classic look.

With 64 old-school levels and 8 big bosses to fight, Goblin Sword is perfect for fans of retro platformers and RPGs. The game pits you against an evil wizard who sends a horde of monsters to destroy your hometown, and you'll collect weapons, loot, and helpful guardians along the way.

Price: $US0.99 (usually $US1.99)

Experience the RPG that defined a battle system with Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV is a timeless classic among RPG fans, and it was the first game in the series to revolutionise how battles took place with its Active Time Battle system. With a rich storyline, compelling characters with voice acting, and brand new 3D graphics, this is one iPhone game fans have been waiting for.

Price: $US7.99 (usually $US15.99)

Dive into the hunt with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Ready to hunt some monsters? With Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you can trek through the wilderness as you complete quests, customise your weapons and armour, and ready yourself for your next mission and what's waiting.

Price: $US6.99 (usually $US14.99)

Dive into yet another epic adventure with Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V sweeps you away into a medieval world filled with magic, chocobos, and tales of friendship. Your adventure begins with four heroes that find themselves thrown together as they attempt to save the mysterious crystals that keep the world in balance. The game's original soundtrack is also included in the iOS version of the classic game.

Price: $US7.99 (usually $US15.99)

Evoland is a game that evolves styles the more you play.

If you're looking for something different, Evoland's mixture of nostalgia and sheer adventure will keep you hooked. With a reverence for the history of RPG and adventure games, Evoland's graphics literally evolve from 2D to 3D as the game progresses, and the gameplay mechanics also change from turn-based battles to real-time fights.

Price: $US1.99 (usually $US4.99)

If you're a fan of humour in games, try The Bard's Tale.

The Bard's Tale is a sprawling RPG that doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's a good thing. With 20-30 hours of gameplay, 50 different types of enemies, and a tendency to joke about the stereotypes you'll often find in similar games, you won't soon forget your adventure playing as the selfish and witty Bard.

Price: $US0.99 (usually $US2.99)

Final Fantasy III was the first game in the series to sell more than a million copies.

This full 3D remake of the popular 1990 RPG game lets you experience Final Fantasy III in new ways, and there's even some exclusive new story sequences. The first game in the series to let you change character classes on the fly and summon creatures, Final Fantasy III offers plenty for old fans and new players alike.

Price: $US6.99 (usually $US14.99)

See how long you can survive in Heroes and Castles 2.

Heroes and Castles 2 lets you fight in the midst of a raging battle where you're pulling the strings. A mixture of tower defence games and 3rd person RPGs, you can customise your hero by choosing their race, class, skills, armour, weapons, and army as you try to survive as long as you can.

Price: $US0.99

Hero Emblems is a match-three game with a twist.

By combining modern match-three gameplay with classic RPG battles, Hero Emblems keeps things different while meshing together a few different concepts that work well together.

Price: $US1.99 (usually $US3.99)

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