APPLE: We're Working On Fixing Those Annoying IPhone Crashes

Apple’s iPhone has been plagued by crashes lately.

Sometimes, when using an app, the iPhone crashes, you get a screen with an Apple logo for a few seconds, then the phone restarts.

Complaints about the crashes have been going on for months, but lately they’re getting louder and louder.

Google Ventures partner MG Siegler wrote a blog post about how buggy the iPhone had become: “At least two times a day now, my devices running iOS 7 will simply cease to function and restart themselves.”

New York Times reporter Nick Bilton tweeted, “My iPhone running iOS 7 crashes more today than my computer running Windows 95 did 15 years ago.”

And over the weekend, people started passing around a Google Trends chart that shows searches for “iOS + crash” was growing.

Well, finally, Apple is addressing the problem.

An Apple spokesperson tells Mashable, “We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.”

There is no word on when this software update will be coming. It’s expected to be addressed in iOS 7.1, which is the next major update to Apple’s mobile software.

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