A British watchdog looked into ads that said the iPhone camera was 'studio quality' — and Apple won

  • A British advertising regulator got complaints about an Apple ad that said it could take “studio quality portraits.”
  • It found that Apple’s advertising wasn’t misleading.
  • Watch the ad and decide for yourself below.

One of the top selling points for Apple’s high-end iPhones is a feature called Portrait Mode.

Basically, by using two cameras and combining the images digitally, iPhone software can create photos with studio-style lighting from a smartphone camera.

Well, almost – there are still studios, after all, and top-quality photographs still require photographers with professional equipment.

So the Advertising Standards Authority, a British regulator,took a look at Apple’s “Portrait Mode” ads after two complaints. And last week, it announced that Apple can safely make the claim that the iPhone X can take “studio quality portraits without the studio.”

“We acknowledged that the camera on the iPhone X featured a focal lens commonly found in studio photography and understood that the images shown in the ad were photographs taken with the phone,” the watchdog wrote in its findings.

“However, we recognised the emphasis was placed on the significance of the lighting effects on achieving the quality of image the ad demonstrated, and we understood that those images shown were a true reflection of the capabilities of the iPhone X’s camera. For those reasons, we concluded that the ad was not misleading,” it continued.

The ASA has found that Apple ads have pushed the limits in the past. In 2008, it banned a clip from British TV because it found that “all the parts of the internet” was not accurate because the iPhone does not run Flash, according to the Guardian.

Check out the ad in question below:


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