Wait at least a month if you want to buy a new iPhone right now

I went to the massive Eaton Centre mall in Toronto yesterday, and the most packed store there, by far, was the Apple store.

This isn’t too much of a surprise, considering Apple’s popularity — plus it’s fun just to play around with the latest phones, tablets and computers on display, even if you don’t intend on buying them.

That said, I’m guessing dozens of people in that store were there to buy a new phone, computer, or accessory. And I’m wondering how many of them knew that a brand-new iPhone, and likely a bevy of other Apple products, are right around the corner.

My advice to them, and anyone considering visiting an Apple store in the next month: Hold off on buying right now, if you can.

Last year, Apple held two major fall events — and discounted many of its products for the holidays in both November and December. Expect a similar pattern this year: at least one massive Apple event to unveil new products, and a handful of discounts on existing products as we head toward the end of 2017.

No matter what kind of Apple product you’re interested in, it’s probably best to wait. The new iPhones will make the current lineup cheaper to buy. Apple updated its iPads and Mac computers in June, but you’re likely to find a discount on those products around either Black Friday in November or Christmas in December (at the very least, they will be cheaper on the Refurbished Mac Store, one of Apple’s best-kept “secrets“). You should probably not buy an Apple Watch or Apple TV either; Apple is likely going to announce updated versions of those products this fall. It’s also probably safe to say that Apple will update any accessories that go with all of those new products.

And so, if you’re looking to buy an Apple product, I’d recommend waiting if you can help it. Your patience will likely be rewarded in one way (through an update or an all-new product) or another (a discount).



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