The new iPhone has one feature that would have saved my iPhone screen years ago

It was New Year’s Day 2015. I was trying to catch a train. The train was just arriving at the same time I reached the station, so I swiped my card and hustled down the stairs. But I was listening to music at the time, and my pair of wired EarPods caught the railing. As a result, my iPhone 6 flung out of my jacket pocket, disconnected from my EarPods, and hit the hard floor of the subway station.

My iPhone screen was shattered. And I missed the train.

With the new iPhone 7, this wouldn’t have happened.

The GIF you see above was taken by Nicole Nguyen, the tech and products editor at BuzzFeed. In her review of the iPhone 7, she notes how the Lightning port is much more secure for your headphones compared to the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, which this iPhone and future iPhones will no longer have.

Lots of people are upset about Apple killing the analogue headphone jack, but I’m glad to see the Lightning port is better at securing your headphones to your phone. That way, if your EarPods accidentally catch onto a random surface, your phone might fly out of your pocket, but it won’t disconnect from the headphones, hit the floor, or break.

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