The iPhone 7 may come in glossy black -- here's what it would look like

The latest rumour surrounding the iPhone 7’s design claims we’ll see it in five different colour options, including the usual silver, gold, and “rose gold,” as well as two black finishes: one matte, and one glossy.

We had already seen what a matte black iPhone would look like from renders created by concept artist Martin Hajek, as previous rumours had already indicated that we might see a matte black iPhone 7 that’s darker than the current “Space Grey” colour option. However, the glossy black option was news to us, and we only had our imaginations to predict what it would look like.

So, an Arabic Apple blog called created its own renders of what a glossy black iPhone would look like to let our imaginations rest. Check it out:

It looks absolutely stunning.

It’s not clear exactly what materials a glossy black iPhone would be made of. With no more details available about the glossy black iPhone 7, we could only speculate that Apple would use shiny metal rather than plastic or glass for the glossy effect, as the iPhone 7 is said to be nearly identical to the iPhone 6 generation’s design with an all-metal body.

Whatever material Apple uses, a glossy finish could potentially reveal scratches like a flare to a lifeguard. If the rumour is true, we’ll surely see mobile accessory companies come out with new protective films designed for the back of the iPhone 7 in addition to the usual screen protectors.

Here’s a render showing both a matte and glossy black iPhone 7:

Just seeing the matte black iPhone 7 on top of the glossy black version makes me wince with worry that it’s being scratched.

Either way, any and all rumours about Apple’s upcoming iPhone do not confirm anything. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple reveals on stage on September 7 when the company holds its September iPhone event.

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