Here's What The iPhone 7 Might Look Like

Now that the iPhone 6 is out, we can only wait and wonder what Apple will do with the next model.

If Apple releases an iPhone 6S it will probably look a lot like the current iPhone, with a couple of new features.

The iPhone 7, however, could be quite different. Designer Yasser Farahi of OvalPicture has taken a shot at imagining how it might look.

Farahi imagined the iPhone 7 in five muted colours and with an even thinner profile.

Apple might add a sapphire display, a fast new processor, and a camera that only sticks out when it's being used.

This concept has the volume buttons on the right side for better access and an extra speaker on top of the phone.

The iPhone 6 is already incredibly thing at 6.9mm, but this iPhone 7 concept is even skinnier at 6.1mm.

The iPhone 7 will likely run on iOS 10, since this phone would be coming out in 2016. Farahi imagines that could bring round icons and folders to iOS.

New colour options would definitely spice up Apple's lineup. Here's the wine-coloured model.

This copper tone is another interesting idea.

Stereo sound on the iPhone 7 would make it that much better for watching movies and playing music aloud.

Some Android phones have had wireless charging for years. It's time to bring it to the iPhone.

The charging dock, shown here on the left, may look like an iPhone face-down with a lightning connector.

Now, take another look at Apple's possible future

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