It looks like Apple will sell the iPhone in a new colour this year

Iphone 6s plus photoshopped to be blackTech InsiderThis is a space grey iPhone 6s Plus photoshopped to look darker. This is NOT a leaked image.

It looks like Apple will sell the iPhone 7 in a new colour when it arrives later this year.

Earlier rumours from MacOtakara suggested Apple would release a dark blue iPhone. On Monday, however, the Japanese Apple blog now claims Apple will introduce a black colour option instead (via Apple Insider).

MacOtakara claims the black colour is darker than the current Space Grey iPhone’s colour, and it will replace the Space Grey colour rather than being an entirely new colour option.

Technically, it’s not Apple’s first black iPhone. There has been a black option from the very first model in 2007 until the iPhone 4s. The “Space Grey” colour was introduced with the iPhone 5’s metallic back, and it’s certainly more grey than it is black.

If the rumour is true, however, it would be Apple’s first black iPhone with a metal design. That said, it’s still possible we might see another colour aside from space grey or space black, like the dark blue colour rumoured earlier. It would certainly make sense given how Apple already sells a rose gold (a.k.a. pink) version of the iPhone; a dark blue colour would be a nice complement to that.

Other rumours about the iPhone 7 claim the larger Plus model will have a dual camera while the regular model will not. The white plastic antenna stripes on the back of the current iPhone 6 generation will also be redesigned so they’re not so visible on the back of the iPhone 7.

Note that none of these rumours confirm any actual details about Apple’s next iPhone. Everyone, including us at Tech Insider, have to wait until Apple’s iPhone event in September to get the official details.


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