This is the dongle you’ll need if you want to connect your old headphones to the iPhone 7

One of the biggest features of the iPhone 7, which Apple announced in San Francisco on Wednesday, is its wireless abilities.

Since the iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to lack a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple offers two alternatives: Buy a pair of wireless headphones (including the company’s new Airpods and wireless Beats), or buy a dongle that works with your current pair of wired headphones.

This is the dongle:

Picture: Getty Images

Apple didn’t say if the dongle will come included with the iPhone 7, and also didn’t announce the price, considering the company will certainly sell this accessory separately. We’ll add these details as soon as Apple officially announces them, but for now, this is the accessory you’ll need if you plan on using your old pair of headphones with Apple’s latest smartphone.

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